When mobile technologies fight hunger in the world.

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A week ago or so the UNESCO report about the state of “hunger in the world” was released and showed that the number of people suffering from hunger in the world was down by 100 Million compared to the previous report. Many reasons for that, but among them the mobile technologies appear to be one of the main factors of such a positive decline…

We are somewhere in Kenya, right at the heart of the Masaï Mara, the land of the world famous Masaï tribes. A Masaï’s sheperd is herding his flock. Soon he will head his goats towards a water point. There will be no surprise for him this time, despite the draught, he will find water thanks to …his mobile phone. South East Asia, in the middle of a paddy field, a farmer is checking his smartphone and gets advice on how to improve the volume of rice he will get from his field, in quality and in quantity and, icing on the cake without having to use as much fertilizer as before.

Those are two striking examples of how mobile technologies can help fight hunger in the world. Thanks to basic applications and an internet connection, people, everywhere in the world and in the most remote places will get access to vital information that will improve and, in some cases, save their lives. In the light of such examples, we understand better why having access to mobile internet, no matter where you are in the world is vital. That is why so many projects (Facebook internet.org, Google Loon projects and many more…) are presently being carried out.

However, the Facebook’s drones or the Google’s balloons are still at experimentation level and will require heavy investments and many authorizations before they can go “live”. We also need to consider that people in remote areas will not always be able to subscribe to a data plan as it might be too expensive. In that case, bringing 3G or 4G to them would be great but somewhat pointless. What the next billion requires to be connected is simple, affordable and light solutions without having to depend on a data plan and therefore, at controlled cost.

Be-Bound® is one of those simple light solutions. No matter the carrier, data plan or not, anybody can download and use Be-Bound® regardless of where they are and even if no data network is available. As long as they can send a SMS, Be-Bound® users can access the web and get a data connection….Available on Android now, Be-Bound® offers today the possibility to everybody to get an access to the internet through their smartphone and therefore helps, at its own humble level, fight hunger in the world.

So, no matter where you are, spread the world and let’s stay connected !

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