Be-Bound mobile usage gaining popularity in France

Mobile Usage Gaining Popularity in France

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The Mobile Marketing Association France (MMAF) regularly issues reports about mobile usage in France. Here’s an interesting outlook on how mobile phones and tablets are changing our lives.

The latest data issues cover 2014 and show how in France the sales of PCs are constantly dropping. If we combine tablet and smartphone usage in France, in 2014, for each PC there were 6 mobile devices. In comparison, in 2011 this ratio was 1 in 3.

This trend of course has a direct impact on mobile internet usage. In Q3 2013, 25.8 million users were surfing the web via their mobile phones in France against 30.4 million in Q3 2014. That means  4.6 million more mobile internet users in only one year. 

When we look further, we see that this French trend is happening all over the world. The number one operating system for smartphones is Android with 62% of the market (IoS is a runner-up with 21 % of the devices running the Apple OS). Interestingly though, when we come to tablets, the gap between Android and IOS is smaller, 52% for Android versus 33% for IOS.

“On the go” Internet is becoming more popular too with more than 25% of smartphone users in 2014 stating that they checked the Internet on their mobile devices while using public transportation. And, no surprise, among those 25%, we see a majority of 24 to 33 years old users. Those users also account for the majority of the purchases via mobile phones for the same period.

Mobile Internet usage is becoming the norm in France, just as it is globally. With more than half of France’s population checking Internet via their smartphone at least once every day (64%), we see that the French government program “Ambition numérique” completed by the French Tech community is definitely steering the whole eco-system (users, start-ups, public services, carriers) in the right direction.

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