A French alternative to American mobile Internet projects for all

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Elon Musk, the billionaire behind PayPal, now head of Tesla Motors, the maker of electric cars hit, also jumped in the race for a global mobile Internet coverage.

Via another of his companies positioned in the space industry, SpaceX, he now wants to fill the sky with microsatellites for this ultimate coverage.

This project joins those of Google and Facebook who want to achieve the same result using respectively atmospheric balloons and drones. At first sight very attractive, these projects will be expensive in terms of deployment and implementation of access services. And deploying the right business model for the end users will take years.

At it’s scale, still modest, a French start-up, Be-Bound®, has already launched an alternative that guarantees the user access to applications online via their mobile, anywhere, and at lower cost. It is now available in a hundred countries, without the cost of any new infrastructure. An instant solution to the reduction of the mobile digital divide.

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