Mobile connectivity with the 4L Trophy.

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The 4L Trophy raid is well on his way and the team N° 843 that we sponsor is doing very well, being the mobile connectivity ambassadors across two continents, Europe and Africa.

It is still early stages and Thibaut and Benoit, our team members are for the moment ranked 703rd but our team is doing well and is learning fast. The African sand and rock tracks are not always easy to master just like a data network in fact. You think you are on the track but in fact you are out of any data coverage….The team N° 843 might be every now and then out of tracks but they will never be out of network, thanks to Be-Bound®… So keep on cheering for the 4L Trophy N° 843 team and let’s stay connected.

If you want to watch the summary of yesterday stage highlights, here it is !

Raid 4L Trophy JT4 | Direction Boulajoul ! par 4ltrophy_officiel



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