Meet the Be-Bound® team – Season 1 Ep 1

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Today we open our series “Meet the Be-Bound®” team. Each week you will discover a new team member and get to know more about them and Be-Bound®.

Miléna has accepted to be the first Be-Bound® team member to answer our questions.

Thanks to her and here we go !

Milena2Hello Miléna, can you first tell us what is your position within Be-Bound® ?
I am  Be-Bound® ‘s Communication Manager and I am also in charge of Customer Service

How long have you been holding this position for ?
I recently joined the Be-Bound® Team (January 13th) but I was already holding the position of communication officer in my previous jobs

Can you describe in a few lines what your position consists in ?
I’m in charge of customer support : Users of Be-Bound® app can contact me via two mail adresses and I do my utmost to give them individual answers to their questions or comments . When there are technical questions,  I liaise with our web developers. I also answer the comments on the Google Play Store and always invite the users to contact me by mail in order to collate as much information as possible to improve the Be-Bound® app. My aim is to create a solid relationship with all our users.

I also work on the internal and external communication of Be-Bound® : newsletter, events, news…

Do you own a smartphone ?
Yes !

If yes, what brand ?
It’s an Iphone

Whitch type ?
Iphone 4S

Have you downloaded Be-Bound® on your smartphone (If not Olivier tells me you are fired…)?
Unfortunately not because it’s not available yet with IOS. Hopefully I have got a professional smartphone (HTC One mini) which allows me to use Be-Bound® .

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound®:
Easy, Ergonomic and Usefull !

What is your favorite movie ?
Forrest Gump

Your favorite book ?
Jane Eyre

What do you like most in life ?
Life and laugh 🙂

Your favorite hobby ?
Singing ! (I sing with my family : It’s a real family business)

Your favorite Hobbit?
Frodo Baggins

What do you like least ?
Doing nothing and being bored

Your favorite apps ?
Facebook, Messenger, and… Be-Bound®

Your favorite quote ?
“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.” The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
I was at High School in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

Broncos or Seahawks ?

Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola ?
Coca-Cola but mostly… Ice-Tea !

Thanks a lot Miléna and let’s stay connected !

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