Microsoft and Facebook Working to Connect Ghanaian Students

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Here at Be-Bound®, our ambition is connecting the world. Thankfully we are not the only ones taking on the challenge.<b><!–more–></b>

In his May the 13th post on David Meyer explains how both Microsoft and Facebook are involved in an ambitious project to give everybody in the world an internet access.

Microsoft and Facebook are already quite active on this subject, Microsoft with its “White Space Broadband project” (that’s the name of the new wireless technology they developed) and Facebook with its project which relies on the drone technology.

However, the association of both big players in a common project is new and could speed things up.

With the ever growing number of smartphone users in the world, the need for connection is getting higher and there are many places on the planet that do not have access to the internet (please refer to our recent article about Madagascar). Here at Be-Bound®, we truly believe that this need is crucial to fulfill, but, bringing an internet access is one thing, getting access to it is yet another. Bandwidth is not expandable and it can often become saturated even when internet access is available, leaving number of frustrated users on the side despite their terminals showing a 3G or even 4G signal. That is why we think here at Be-Bound® that the and white Space Broadband projects are great, but they need to be completed by a device or an application that for a similar internet mobile usage (e-mails for instance) will require less bandwidth and less data. By doing so, more people will gain internet access. This is why we developed the Be-Bound application.

So stay connected and if you want to read the David Mayers’ post we refer to, just click here

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