Meet with the Be-Bound® team, Season 2, Ep 1

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This time, we cross the Atlantic Ocean, cross the USA and stop in the silicon Valley where we meet with Michel, yet another active Be-Bound® team member !

Hello Michel, what is your position within Be-Bound® ?
VP Operations and Business Development US


How long have you been holding this position for ?
I am in this job since April 2013.

  • Can you describe in a few lines what your position consists in ?
    My role is mainly to :
  • Build a strong team in the US and prepare the US based entity to become the Be-Bound® headquarters
  • Coordinate the biz dev efforts in the US
  • Build a strong tech community around the BB technology and offering

Before working for Be-Bound® what were you doing in Silicon Valley ?
I have been in Silicon Valley since 1992
I have been a journalist (US correspondent for Les Echos, editor of Intelligence newsletter HighTechNews) for many years

Since 2007 I am quite active at helping French start-up to expand in the US market

Can you tell us more about your role of correspondent for Les Echos ?
Regarding my role at Les Echos, I have wrote more the 2,000 stories for the newspaper mostly regarding innovation, the business models of tech clusters in America, clean tech, etc… and also covering various topics where technology can be a real game changer (climate on earth, sustainable development,…)

Which smartphone do you own ?
I own a Samsung Galaxy III for Be-Bound® purpose.

Which is your favorite brand of Smartphone?
Apple. I have been an Apple fanatic for 25 years, including when Apple did not have these exciting new mobile devices.

In one of your articles for our blog you mentioned how difficult it could be to get a data connection in the silicon valley, is it still the case or have they all been converted to Be-Bound® ?
I am working, with everyone in the team, to convert Silicon Valley to the Be-Bound® technology. It will take a little bit of time but I am very confident.

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound® ?
Appealing – Game changer – unlimited

What was according to you the most stressful moment you lived with Be-Bound® ?
I am still looking for it…

What is your favorite season ?
The wheather is so nice in Palo Alto, it makes the whole year very enjoyable.

Your favorite book ?
The Einstein Enigma (La formule de Dieu), by Jose Rodrigues dos Santos

What is your favorite country ?
I have no favorite country, I love travel too much to choose.

Is there a place you would call “home” or do you feel at home anywhere ?
I can certainly feel at home in many places

Your best moment with Be-Bound® (if you can isolate one) ?
I am sure my best moments at Be-Bound® are still to come.

Your favorite apps ?
Just guess…

Your favorite quote ?
“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work », Thomas Edison

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
It was a marvelous Monday afternoon in Palo Alto and I was teaching tennis to my 8 years old son, Thomas.

Why did you answer the previous question ?
Because it was the last time I tried to do that.

One last word before we go ?
A lost word: what is the meaning of all of these questions?


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