Meet with the Be-Bound® team, Season 3 !

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The meet with the Be-Bound® team has entered today its third season !
We meet today with Roland, another active team member !

IMG_0808__small2Roland, first of all, can you tell us where you are based ?
Vancouver, Canada

How long have you been living there for ?
14 years

Where were you based before
Frankfurt, Germany

What is your position within Be-Bound® ?

What does that consist in ?
Main focus is on the server-side core technology, plus some server-side, apps, such as the email service

Were you already holding a similar position before joining Be-Bound® ?

Tell us what made you join Be-Bound® ?
Be-Bound is an interesting app with lots of potential to which I believe I can contribute. And it is a good team to work with.

Can we say that new technologies are part of your life ?

Which is your favorite smartphone brand ?

Why ?
Is there another brand?

Which smartphone(s) do you currently own ?
HTC, Samsung, Huawei

Which is your favorite application ?
Sudoku to waste time at the airport, Be-Bound when traveling

How would you describe Be-Bound® to somebody who does not know it at all ?
The app to save data charges when traveling

Do you like sport ?

Which one ?

Why ?
Well, I am Canadian. There is no other sport besides hockey 😉

Do you prefer cooking or being cooked for ?
Sadly my cooking capabilities do not go beyond BBQ.

Wine or Beer ?
Depends on the occasion

Your favorite movie ?

What do you think of people asking strange questions in order to produce a post for their blog ?
Next question please…

If you could make one wish, what would it be ?
I would wish to have two wishes

Your favorite picture ?
Impossible to decide, there are too many.

Thanks a lot for your time Roland and stay connected !

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