Meet the Be-Bound® Team Season 4 Ep 2

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Let’s continue our interviews of the Be-Bound® Team ! We meet today with Aboudé, another great team member 



Dear Aboudé, can you tell us what your role is at Be-Bound® ?
Hi there, I’m a part time project manager and  android developer.

How long have you held this position?
About 1 year and a half as a developer and 4 months as project manager

Where are you based ?

Can you describe in a few lines what your current position involves ?
Right now as project manager, I organize and assign tasks among the team working on the project at hand. I see the project through to completion and along the way I make sure that work is being done properly and deadlines are met.
At the same time, I’m also a developer. For that role,  mainly fix bugs that come up in the application.

Before working for Be-Bound® what were you doing for a living ?
I was a student. I’m still a student on the days I’m not working at Be-Bound®.

Have you always been interested in new technologies or is it quite recent ?
I’ve always been interested in technology. I’ve always found it fascinating

Which is your favorite brand of Smartphone?

Why ?
Because i think that an Iphone is well organized and the design is better than an android phone

Which smartphone do you own ?
Iphone 4S

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound® ?
Fun, Young, ambitious

Three words that won’t fit at all with Be-Bound® ?
Moody, egocentrique, boring 

What is your favorite region?
Paris and it’s suburbs 

Why ?
Because I grew up here and I’m used to the Parisian lifestyle. When I leave the Paris area I feel homesick

Your favorite book or Movie ?

What is your favorite hobby (or hobbies if you have several) ?

Is there a place you would call “home” or do you feel at home anywhere ?
My countries : Lebanon and Syria

Why ?
When I go, it’s a return to my roots. I’m away from the world I have here, and I see my family and friends…

Your best moment with Be-Bound® (if you can isolate one) ?
Each moment that I pass here is good, because I am learning, and Be-Bound® has given me the chance to learn with them from the very beginning of the project

Your favorite quote ?
“Knowledge is a weapon”

Your favorite apps ?
I use a lot of apps, but i don’t have a favorite app

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
I think that I was in Lebanon

Why did you answer the previous question ?
Why not

Pepsi or Coca Cola ?
I dont like carbonated drinks

Your favorite picture ?











One last word before we go ?
“Success is not a goal but a means to aim higher” Pierre de Coubertin

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