Meet with the Be-Bound® Team Season 3 Ep 2

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Be-Bound® team is always growing, Today we present…Ugo CARRASCO, one of our team members who has kindly accepted to answer to our questions

photoUgo can you first tell us what is your position within Be-Bound® ?
Hi there, I’m an android developer.

How long have you held this position ?
About 8 months (feels like 8 years)

In the employee list you do not have a direct phone number, is that because you are too talkative or just because your prefer mobiles to landlines ?
Nope it’s just I can be reached more easily on my cellphone, actually the only person to use my landline is my mom 🙂

Can you describe in a few lines what your position consists in ?
As a member of the android development team, I spend most of my time working on the Be-Bound app: development of new be-apps, improvement of existing ones, bug fixes… I also take part to decisions that involve technical choices and development process.

Which Brand is your smartphone ?
Samsung (classic I know)

Which type ?
Galaxy S4 (with CyanogenMod of course)

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound® ?
Innovation, Blue, World

What was according to you the most stressful moment you lived with Be-Bound ?
When we sent our two sponsored guys driving all over north Africa with a GPS tracking system I worked on.

Why ?
Well, after weeks of teasing on web/social medias, saying everywhere “We’ll track our team using be-bound!”, the app stopped working. Uncool.
Fortunately, the problem was something else so we were able to fix it remotely.

You talk a lot with your hands making incredible choreographies in the air. Do you practice a lot at home or is it just natural?
I guess that’s a sequela from my studies in communication, we were taught public speaking there and using hands was hummm mandatory

What is your favorite movie ?
That’s a tough one… I’d say Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke in English)

Why ?
Everything is stunning in this movie, the music, the animation, the atmosphere…

Your favorite book ?

What do you like most in life ?

Your favorite hobby ?
Drawing and games

You speak English almost fluently, where did you learn ?
Besides school I’ve lived in London for six months where I worked with some Slovakian, Kiwi, German, British and Spanish guys, I guess it helps

What do you like least ?
Tough questions 🙂

Your best moment with Be-Bound® (if you can isolate one) ?
A bit after the most stressful moment, when our car tracking system was working and displaying the route on a sexy map, we were like “ohh yeeeaah”

Your favorite apps ?
If I stay out of famous ones: Falcon Pro, Flyne and AirAudio (yes, Be-Bound is famous)

Your favorite quote ?
“Slow down, take it easy!” Frankie

You seem to constantly smile, which is extremely pleasant, but do you sometimes frown or never ?
Nope sorry I can’t help it

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
I guess I was home playing counter-strike

Why did you answer the previous question ?
Cause I’m bad at detecting jokes

One last word before we go ?


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