Maddy Keynote is Back in Session

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For those of us who were looking forward to the Maddy Keynote scheduled for November of last year, this week’s news is good: Maddy Keynote 2016 will be taking place at Le Tapis Rouge in Paris TOMORROW, January 20th!  (The original program had to be rescheduled due to the events that unfolded in Paris last November.)

Here’s a teaser of what the day will cover:


The day will be divided into 4 themes:

Technology and Man
The Smart City
Networks Without Borders

The chosen themes represent the 4 trends that are foreseen in innovation and technology for 2016.  Maddyness, the go-to source for French startups, and organizer of the event, has organized a great lineup for the 2016 Maddy Keynote. To start, Riel Miller, Head of Foresight at UNESCO, will be opening the day’s discussions, and the rest of the day will be filled with the latest ideas and insights put forth by France’s “tech-titans-to-be.”

Be-Bound’s Head of Marketing, Aurèle Tabuchi, will be taking part in the discussion on, you guessed it: Networks. She will be joined by Baptiste Fradin, the co-founder of Infinit. Their conversation will be moderated by Pierre Rigo, an RMC journalist.

Follow the hashtag #MaddyKeynote and of course the official @MaddyKeynote page for live news coverage of the event. It promises to be a lively day full of discoveries, predictions, and announcements! The event is also expected to be available via live streaming on the Maddy Keynote website.

But why not be there in person!? Tickets are still available! To buy, click here.

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