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Madagascar Internet Coverage

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I recently watched a breathtaking documentary about Madagascar. The Indian Ocean island’s infrastructures are still to be developed, There are not many roads on the island and even the tracks are extremely rare..

The documentary was following an entrepreneur exporting vanilla. To find the best quality vanilla he had to travel deep inside the island and his journey quickly became epic! Roads and tracks disappeared! Driving in rugged conditions, going through river paths, woodlands, fields, dips and troughs was a real challenge. However, after days spent pushing the car through mud traps, avoiding rocks and trees, the entrepreneur reached a village only a couple of miles away from his final destination. Driving the last two miles was just impossible, so they undertook to cover the last stage of their trip walking. They eventually reached a village that no “driving” road goes to, where no telephone lines are available, with no shops, and no facilities available. There, in the middle of “nowhere”, they saw a group digging a huge trench running from one end of the village to the other. The entrepreneur’s guide told him that they were digging a trench to fit high speed internet cable and hopefully get connected to the World Wide Web. As a viewer, I was first intrigued that out of all they could require to make their lives better, the villagers chose that their number one priority was to get an internet access. Then I realized that for them, getting access to the internet probably meant fulfilling at once most of their needs as they will have direct access to millions of information and services…Of course it won’t feed them, but they are self-sufficient (to a certain extent) but, with the exception of food, the villagers will have access to valuable information that might drastically improve their daily lives….How to better deal with village situations, a direct link with central governing authorities, medical support, exchange with travelers coming to see them and that could bring what they are missing most etc.

This is to me, and once more, proof that bringing access to the internet to everyone on this planet is not only a nice idea, but also a duty and I am pleased to think that Be-Bound is contributing to that action!

So in Madagascar or anywhere in the world, let’s stay connected!

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