The Low-cost smartphones market is booming !

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It was a trend, it’s now become a fact : the low-cost smartphone market is soaring and not only in emerging countries.

With a potential 4 billion people and more to equip with mobile phones, most smartphone manufacturers have developed since the mid 2000 “low-cost smartphones solutions” . Those solutions were primarily designed to fulfill the needs and budgets of the emerging countries inhabitants. However, since 2012 we have started to notice that those said “low-cost smartphones” are also gaining substantial market shares in developed countries. For instance, in France, the market share for € 150 or less smartphones jumped from 15.4 % in 2012 to 25.8 % in 2013. An increase of 10.4 % in one year only !!! And those figures are pretty much the same in Europe and in America.

This worldwide trend is therefore not a trend anymore, it’s become a buying habit and, no doubt that within the next two years, the market share of low-cost smartphones will be on the par with middle and top of the range ones.

This probably also one of the reasons why Android market share is so high, with more than 81% of smartphones sold in Q3 of 2013 equipped with the Google’s operating system. Indeed most Low-cost smartphones are equipped with Android. So, how long will we wait until we see the low-cost smartphones get the lion’s share ? Probably a question of years…And then the low-cost smartphones will lose their adjective and simply become…smartphones..

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Yazid Chir.

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