Lost in Translation

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Imagine yourself deep into the jungle somewhere in Indonesia. All the sudden you realize you have lost your way.

Fortunately, you are nearby a local village, problem : nobody speaks English.And to make the situation even spicier, you have no 3G connection for your smartphone, never mind a Wi-Fi hot spot….This could turn into a nightmare situation, and finding your way back to the hotel could be extremely complicated… Fortunately, this time it won’t be the case…Why ? Because before leaving home you will have download Be-Bound® on your Smartphone.

As Be-Bound® works with low or no data connection, you will be able to use the apps of the Be-Bound® portal, amongst which Be-Translate.You will be able to communicate with the inhabitants of the village, find your way back to the hotel easily and you will never be lost in translation anymore.

Laurent Panetier

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