Loon Project :120 days in the Stratosphere.

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Raven Aerostar, Google’s balloon’s supplier for the Loon project announced that one of its balloons stayed more than 120 days in the stratosphere without any alteration.

The Google’s Loon project’s trials are well on their way both in South America and in Australasia. The latest reports seem to be encouraging as lately related by Google and its subcontractor Raven and relayed on the web by many Technology influencers such as VentureBeat (read full article here). 120 days in the stratosphere is great and the idea of giving access to the internet to the most remote areas of the planet is excellent. However, the requirements (having a building equipped with a specific antenna for instance) are still important and not every building will be equipped so there still will be major gaps in the internet connection. To boot other key issues are internet on the go (through smartphones), data consumption and terminal storage capabilities. So even if it is great news, I reckon they are still a long way from achieving their goal when some solutions such has Android Application to stay connected to the internet with low or no data network already exists….

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