Juice Defender an app to save your battery

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The more we use our smartphone, the more data we consume, the quicker our battery autonomy drops. Unless we choose to be smart and download Juice Defender.

Juice Defender is a useful application that saves your smartphone battery and therefore increase its autonomy. Of course it is not the only one. They are a few more applications offering the same kind of service, such as Battery Defender for instance. However, according to use, Juice Defender is extremely complete, simple to use, user friendly and therefore worth downloading. Juice Defender’s purpose is to “manage your smartphone energy” and optimize the battery life span of all Android devices. To do so you can choose to run the basic or advanced option (depending on how advanced you are with technology). In either manual or automatic mode, the app manages your smartphone apps and functions that use up most battery such as Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G for instance. In addition, thanks to its easy to use interface Juice Defender also allows you to control many more “greedy” functionalities of your smartphone. It is definitely an extremely useful app to download.

However, we cannot finish this post without mentioning that we know another app that does not require Wi-Fi,3G or 4G to run and that will allow you to stay connected to the internet even with low or no data network : Be-Bound®….

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