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Jeudigital: A Platform for French Startups

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Jeudigital is an event that takes place monthly in Paris to celebrate startups, and is part of the push being made by France’s Minister of Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire, to advance France’s technology sector.

The monthly occasion is set aside for Ministers to open their doors to startups.  Each month a different Minister’s office is chosen as the location to host a startup theme related to the Minister’s respective work. The handful of startups invited then take to the stage to present their business ideas to the audience of potential investors and interested parties.

8th Edition of Jeudigital

This summer, Be-Bound took part in the 8th session of Jeudigital at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, along with 6 other startups: NokiobokCityTapsCynsisAdiaspiiShort Edition, and Youboox. The focus of the 8th session of Jeudigital was startups looking to build a presence in French-speaking countries. So Africa, of course, played a large part in the presentations. The startups chosen to take part in this particular session were selected based on their influence on international development and francophonie in relation to their digital ecosystems.

Applying to Jeudigital

French startups interested in taking part in a Jeudigital event can apply here

Requirements for Applicants
Business less than 5 years old
Your startup has created a product that is innovative and operational
You have identified your market

Criteria For Selection
Capacity to rase funds
Alliance with the state’s vision of innovation



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