Why has Apple decided to bury the iPad 2 ?

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On the 18th of March, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would stop selling without delay its iPad 2…What are the reasons behind such a decision.

A bit difficult to understand really, and very hard to point a specific reason for this decision of stopping the sales of iPad2. The iPad 2 was launched in April 2011, roughly three years ago and, even if for our connected planet, 3 years can be seen as old times, the sales of iPhone 4, for instance, carry on despite the IPhone 5….

All we know is that this decision has maybe something to do with the price of the device. Sold at about US$ 399.00, The iPad 2 was on the same price level as the iPad Air launched in Fall 2013….

And as if this decision was not enough of a “first class funeral”, Apple announced that the IPad 4 (With retina display) price range will start at US$ 399.00. A bit as if the IPhone 3 was on sale at the same price as the IPhone 5….Which one would you choose ?

This price policy is obviously not an error, but a deliberate choice to outmarket the IPad 2…

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