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Developers of IoT apps: already (almost) everywhere

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It’s already well known, of course: the Internet of Things is already the hobby of many developers worldwide. But who are they, how many are they, and possibly where are they located and how do they work?

It is to these questions that Vision Mobile, a company specialized in surveys and data market analyzes of the mobile industry, has answered in a recently published study.

First guess: there are already more than 3.2 million unique mobile application developers in the world. Including half a million for whom these developments would be given priority to the point of having made them abandon their previous developments. A number that is steadily growing.

Moreover, these developers often work in small teams to facilitate their ability to react quickly to market trends, possibly maintain secrecy about their developments and … get funded more easily.

Another fact is that many of them are located exactly where we would expect: for example in Silicon Valley or the East Coast of the United States. But not only. They are actually distributed over all continents, especially throughout Asia, India (Bangalore and Mumbai specifically) and China.

In terms of concentration, there are also many IoT developers in Canada, near Toronto, and Finland. For the authors of the study there is nothing surprising here: in both cases there is a “behemoth” effect, for Blackberry in the first case, Nokia for the second.

Finally, no real trends are apparent -for now – as far as favorite techniques for accessing information related to IoT developments. Some prefer the Hackathon approach, others, more numerous today, rely on technical support communities to which they usually belong.

Finally a sign that the industry is still finding itself: about 15% of IoT developers still do not really know if their work will be more successful in the market for end users or corporate…

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