Internet Users in Africa

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According to Internet World Stats ( in Q2 2012, Africa only represented 7% of all World wide web users with over 167 million Africans connected for a total population of over 1 billion people, one seventh of the world global population.

This data is extremely interesting as at the time, that is to say two years ago, Android had just reached its position of leader as number one smartphone OS. To boot the middle of the range as well as low cost smartphones were starting to get more and more market shares. With many more mobile devices and an easier access to the internet thanks to those easy to carry terminals, there is no doubt that the data will have changed and that the “penetration” rate of internet in Africa, which was just above 15 %, has increased considerably. However, the network stakes are still high in Africa and the network coverage is far from being ideal. That is why Be-Bound® is the ideal solution : you stay connected to the internet through your smartphone even with low or no data network and you avoid roaming fees.

Access to information to all and at controlled cost, this should also have a big impact on the internet usage stats in Africa !

Let’s stay connected !

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