When will Intel open an Application Store ?

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I heard recently in the news that Intel is not only « Inside » our computers and laptop but Intel will also be inside our malls. They will open up «Intel Experience » stores during the holiday season.

That’s an interesting move from the chipset giant. The brand is one of the most famous among consumers but so far Intel missed the train of mobility. Intel is associated to our computers, our laptops but not to our smartphones or tablets. Despite their huge workforce in marketing, they just missed the wave of smartphones and tablets. PC market is slowly decreasing and by the end of this years, tablets will have taken over in term of shipments.

Intel is pushing hard to beat Qualcomm and its cheap and low power consumption ARM chips, but their market share is still invisible.

The battle is really interesting because Intel and Qualcomm have both massive amount of cash and they can decide to invest in whatever part of the industry. But, on one side, Qualcomm is not a B2C brand and they invest in mobility and specific markets like smart watches, smart homes, smart grids or machine to machine. On the other side, Intel is clearly a B2C brand but might step by step become a brand of the past if they don’t increase their market share in mobile devices. They have the power to do so, but there are already strong actors in the place! For Q3 2013, Android accounted for about 81% of devices shipped according to IDC. For the same period, Qualcomm market share in mobile chips is estimated to 97%! What is the difference between an iPhone and a Samsung S4? The operating system, they both run on a Qualcomm chip. What is the difference between the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the previous version? The new tablets run on an Intel Atom and it runs well, but there is no real big difference. The mobile market is approaching maturity like the PC market with most of the devices running the same OS and few manufacturers. Intel as a very broad knowledge of such mature markets but in this case they’re the challenger.

So, what about opening an application market place?

Olivier Rousseau  


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