Be-Bound® the Hybrid solution

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Be-Bound® is an Hybrid solution that allows you stay connected worldwide with or without any data access.

The new mobile platform gives us access to the everyday essentials of connected services such as emails, news alerts, geolocalisation, translation, weather forecasts and more.

It may seem as though we have gone in one big circle, however it wont be as lightening fast as 4G or being connected to a wi-fi source. However it does let us get to that all important email, or get the location of a meeting when we are stuck on the tube, or on a flight.

Be-Mail lets you access your emails, Be-Flight gives access to flight times and details, Be-Currency delivers accurate currency conversions and Be-Stock displays any important stock markets in real-time.

There is no excuse now as to why you didn’t respond to a meeting request, or why you didn’t let your boss know you were going to be late. As thanks to Be-Bound®, you will always Be-Connected.

Be-Bound® will be launched at the WebSummit in Dublin on 30th October.


Source: Thanks for this review, Phil Tottman, staff writer of Mobile Entertainment


Mary Adams



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