HTC plans for 2014

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New year, new plans. After a bumpy year 2013, HTC strikes back and have recently unveiled their plans to get back to the front of the scene in 2014.

Firing from all angles, even if a bit exaggerating, this could be a good summary of HTC plans for 2014. Let’s have a glance of what they’re cooking !

First of all, a wearable device will be released for the holiday season. This information was revealed by Cher Wang the HTC Chairman to Bloomberg. However, no more information was given about the device itself…We will have to wait and see.

Secondly, a new version of the HTC one smartphone is due during the course of March. Once again, not much more information at this stage.

Thirdly, The HTC Chairman, always in the same interview by Bloomberg explained that 2014 will be for the company a marketing focused year to put the brand back to the front of the smartphone market scene.

 A very challenging year ahead of HTC. We will see in December if it was successful or not….

 Source: Bloomberg.

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