Guessed who turned 25 on the 12th of March?

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 We give you a clue : It’s big, it’s changed our lives completely and if you are reading this article you are using it at this very moment !

Its initials are W.W.W and ever since it was created it never stopped spinning ! Yes you guessed it, the World Wide Web turned 25 a few days ago….A quarter of century already….A full generation was born and grew with it. Very hard to imagine what our lives were before the web….Difficult to imagine now what our lives would be without it. At work, at home, in public premises, in public transportation, everywhere we get access to the web and to its billions and billions of pages. Source of information, of knowledge (if used properly), of entertainment, the world wide web is everywhere.

It is also thanks and because of mister triple W that we were inspired to launch Be-Bound….to make it possible for anyone to have access to internet services through their smartphone anywhere in the world….

So, happy 25th birthday World Wide Web and let’s stay connected.

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