Google’s Phonebloks project is about to be achieved

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On April 9th we mentioned in our Blog the Phonebloks project (Modular Smartphone) and Motorola’s intention to develop this project together with its creator Dave Hakkens. Today we see that Google is about to finalize its own “Phonebloks” prototype.

“While some talk, others work”. That’s maybe what the guys working on the ARA project at Google thought when they heard and read about Motorola’s intention to create a modular smartphone. Indeed the original idea of Dave Hakkens (see our post ) to develop a modular smartphone with interchangeable blocks (Phonebloks) has also been developed by Google and is way on its way to be achieved as the embedded video clearly shows.
Now, no doubt that there may be discussions about who had the idea first and who inspired whom, but at the end of the day, as always, the users will decided….

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