Will Google manage to register “glass” as a trademark?

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The US Trademark and patent office, reports The Wall Street Journal, is taking exception to Google’s request to register “ Glass” as a trademark and might if not thwart, at least slow down their projects.


The US trademark and patent office objections are quite clear : if they accepted to register  “Google Glass” a while ago, they cannot accept their recent request to register “Glass”. If they were to accept “Glass” as a trademark owned by Google, they reckon it could create confusion with other similar connected products using the term “glass” in their name (Microsoft’s smart glass for instance). And secondly, according the US Trademark and patent office internal regulations, the term “glass” is too generic to be registered.

However, Google has decided to carry on with their request and their lawyers have already sent evidences showing that the US trademark and patent office objections are not valid. The battle goes on….

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