When the Giro starts in Ireland…

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Giro in Italian means “tour”. The Giro is the Italian equivalent to the  “Tour de France” and this year, the cyclists entering this major professional competition that started last Friday ran the first stages in…Ireland.

Travelling is so easy nowadays, logistics is so much under control that organizing major sporting (or else) events away from their original basis is not a problem anymore. The organizers of the Giro, just like their colleagues of ASO in charge of the Tour de France that will start early July in Leeds, UK, are used to it. Since 2002 the Giro started in five occasions away from Italy. This year it was the island of Ireland that was chosen to host the first three stages. From Belfast in the North to Dublin in the South. As we have already said, this is possible thanks to a perfect control of the logistics flows but, and we do not mention it often enough, it is also thanks to a perfect mastery of information flows and infrastructures.

Thanks to our mobile and cable free devices the flow of information and all the data is processed, analyzed and delivered in “split seconds”. Of course in this organization, the Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks contributions are high and, as it is often the case, they can very easily and quickly get to an annoying saturation stage. “Annoying” can quickly turn out to be an understatement as the stakes are very high in those competition and all the journalists covering the event need to be able to communicate live information through all medias, including Twitter, Facebook and the Internet. Let’s just hope that the coverage was very good or more surely, let’s hope that some forward thinking journalist will have thought about downloading Be-Bound® on their smartphone.

This ways, no matter the network conditions, no matter is the data flow is low or even not available, thanks to Be-Bound® they will be able to stay connected and do their job in the best possible conditions !!!

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