The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is out and so is the new connected device Gear Fit…

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The new Samsung connected Device, The Gear Fit is out and when many will review the new S5, we have decided to focus on the Gear Fit, just for the fun and to be a bit different as well.


The least we can say is that the Gear Fit is no doubt going to convince many of us….Its design is really cool and fun and the display is very well thought of. To boot, the Gear Fit is water proof, just like most old fashion watches. At least no bad surprises anymore when in the shower you discover you still have your connected device around your wrist….On the other hand, this new feature also means no getaway…You will be reachable at all times….

Another Gear Fit big advantage is that it is simple to use and, after less than 5 minutes most users will be familiar with it.

The only down side we can think of is that the Gear Fit is only compatible with other Samsung devices, and not all of them….

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