Be-Bound® Team is Growing Fast

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When we have the ambition to connect the world, we need to be up to the challenge and above all staffed for it with the best possible people!

Our main office  in Paris recently welcomed new team members that we are now glad to introduce !

Our ever improving application has growing development needs and therefore growing needs for developers that is why we hired Yannick Badoual who will be in charge of developing our new Basketball Be-App .
A second developer is also reinforcing our team working on server development, his name is Olivier and he will work together with Lionel Brianto who is in charge of the server part of Be-Bound®.

Of course developing such an ambitious application as Be-Bound® also requires constant testing of all the new developments, making sure they are bug free and stable and that the user experience will be up to the most demanding expectations…That is the responsibility of François-Xavier who has joined us as tester.

More team members will join the growing Be-Bound® team, in France, in the USA and in other parts of the world as we grow and we will of course introduce you to our new team members!

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