Flexible and Bendable smartphones

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End of last year Samsung and LG released the first flexible display smartphones. The least we can say is that, so far, it has not been a success as people’s expectations were much higher than expected.

One of the reasons of this (temporary) absence of success for those flexible display smartphones is that we are still at experimental level. Even if LG and Samsung both released their devices on the market, they are fully aware that a large majority of the users will not convert instantly. It will take several more versions and adjustments before they do so. But when a company can afford to do so, which is the case of LG and Samsung, there is nothing better than a “real life” experience for their products.

For instance, LG decided to curve their “G flex” in portrait mode (the way we naturally use a smartphone) when, to the contrary, Samsung chose to curve their flexible smartphone in landscape mode. Which is the best option ? Time and users will tell…

G Flex by LG

One thing is for sure, we are at the beginning of something big, that might, once again, change the way we use smartphones…We just have to be patient, see what comes out of those first “real life” tests and stay connected.

Source: www.talkandroid.com

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