Facebook on the go or what users wish from their Apps …

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You can enjoy Facebook on your mobile phone through many Apps nowadays. Either through the real thing, using the Native Facebook Apps or through Facebook clients. Choice is yours, but user’s experience remains key…

What an average smartphone user wants when they download a Facebook App on their smartphone (either the native App or a Facebook client) is to be able to log to their favorite social network when they are on the go. However, there is a big difference between what they need and what they expect. They need an access to the social network, and, to do so they download the app. But, they also expect a good user’s experience, a stable and reactive application that does not crash too frequently, and, if possible not at all. Best would be, as most users do, to download the Facebook Application (FacebookApp). Many advantages to that, the most obvious being that Facebook is working on an always lighter and more stable application as part of their internet.org project.

That is what Facebook revealed a couple of month when saying :

“Our colleagues in the Facebook London office focused on improving app size efficiency. They approached this problem by utilizing Google Play’s ability to upload multiple APKs for different Android OSes and screen resolutions. This allows us to exclude excess code for features or resources not supported on certain mobile devices..”.

However, This is still work in progress and, on Twitter for instance, the discontent is growing regarding the user’s experience around the Facebook App. To boot, People who download a Facebook App on their smartphone do it with the intent and expectation to be able to use it at any time. Which is unfortunately not always possible as data networks (3G, 3G+ and 4G) only account for a mere 20 % of the total worldwide network coverage. So, even if the Facebook efforts to give an internet access to everybody in the world via their internet.org project are more than encouraging, it seems that they are still a long way from achieving this goal.

This could be an issue as the growing demand of smartphone users nowadays is to be able to access Facebook from their terminal no matter where they are and with a stable an data friendly app…..And if a single app could combine those three requirements, it would be even better…

One pit stop to then stay connected no matter the data network to friends and family through Facebook…The solution already exists and operates on Android…You can download it now right here : Google Play Store

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