Emerging Markets will play a crucial role in 2014

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In 2014 to carry on growing market shares and to keep ahead of competitors, mobile phone manufacturers and smartphone application developers will more than ever have to convince and convert emerging countries users.

According to a recent Upstream research report Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil and Cameroon alone have reached the incredible number of 223 million users ! No doubt that with such numbers the needs for apps is going to be huge. The need for connection and not too expensive data plans too. And this is where we believe Be-Bound® has a great role to play by providing both : The ability to stay connected to the internet via your smartphone with low or no data network and a cost controlled connection plan.

So we truly believe here at Be-Bound® that emerging countries have a strong and important role to play in the future of the “ever connected planet” and we will make sure we do all we can to help them play this role.


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