Elon Musk joins the race to “connect the world”

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Elon Musk, co-founder of Paypal, announced this week that he has a plan bring Internet access to the next 4 billion. After Internet.org drones and Google Loon balloons, the founder of Tesla’s electric cars wants to use a fleet of microsatellites to provide Internet everywhere in the world.

Week in, week out, we get the confirmation that bringing Internet access to everyone in the world is catching the attention of the most influential new tech companies and their iconic founders. After Mark Zuckerberg, very active on the internet.org front, Elon Musk enters the race and, we must admit that, unlike other projects, the more people involved in such a challenge, higher will be the chances to achieve it.

However, the project, as described by Paypal’s founder in interviews seems, once again, a heavy one that will require infrastructure investments, set ups, tests and official authorities seal of approval. In other words, no matter the means, drones, balloons or satellites, these projects will take time….And meanwhile, the next 4 billion have urgent and growing needs for mobile or wireless internet connection now !

To boot, the smartphone user market has moved from early or informed adopters to a mass usage that implies that the newcomers and the majority of users have little new tech awareness. For all those people, connection actions need to be straight forward, simple and quick.

That is why we developed the Be-Bound® technology. For smartphone users it is an Android application that works now and that has already been adopted by more than 150 000 users. To get an internet connection even in the most remote locations, Smartphone users only have to download and launch Be-Bound® on their smartphone, and choose the Be-Bound® mode that allows internet connection even without 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Be-Bound® acts like a connection lifeline which is complimentary to 3G or 4G. When those networks are not available or down, Be-Bound® takes over and connects mobiles in a simple way, accessible and affordable by all. Mobile network operators are partnering with Be-Bound to offer this hybrid technology to their clients and bring them constant connectivity. 


So until the Internet giants finalize their projects, and, even after, to stay connected download Be-Bound®.

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