Discover the World with Be-Bound®

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At Be-Bound® our ambition is to connect the world. To give mobile internet access to everyone in the world no matter the network in order for anyone and everyone to discover the world and have constant access to information.

Access to information is, if not vital (and in some cases it is), often crucial. Imagine you are traveling in the countryside or right at the heart of one the world’s biggest cities and your are lost.

You want to find your way but you have nobody around you in one case and in the other one, thousands of people walking around you and no way for you to communicate with them as you don’t speak the local language.

To make the situation even “funnier” you have no data network access through your smartphone….No way to use the internet to get by or find your way….

This is where the Be-Bound® application comes very handy! You launch the app and even with low or no data network, you get an internet access…You can launch the Be-Bound® portal and thanks to Be-Find, you will find your way.

Moreover, if you want to communicate with the local people, launch Be-Translate and there you go…You are connected to the world…

You will then be free to discover wonderful sceneries such like this one…Do you know or can you guess in which country this photo was taken?

Let us know and stay connected !

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