Optimise Your Mobile Data Consumption

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Nowadays, when we decide to travel, either for business or for leisure, one of the questions that lingers during the trip is, “Is my mobile phone bill going to be under control?”

A quick phone call to our carrier, a detailed reading of the terms and conditions often bring more concerns than answers…what does it all really mean? Then you might find yourself looking for answers on internet forums, which even when extremely useful, tend to confirm our fears with an overly simplistic solution: Don’t use data when travelling…

This results in cutting the 3G off before even crossing the border. (For those of you who don’t know, 3G = data)

But what if you want or need to use your phone?

Deactivate An App To Save on Mobile Data

To avoid huge phone bills and uncontrolled data  consumption, rather than cutting all data off when traveling, you can simply deactivate some applications on your Android Smartphone. Here’s how to proceed.


1) Go to settings and select “Data Usage”


2)  Scroll down to see all your apps


3)  Then select an app (in our case “Google Play)


4) Scroll down

screen_app_detail_1 5) Select “restrict data background”

screen_app_detail_2 6) : “Validate by selecting OK”.


When I travel abroad, that’s what I do, and the only application I leave “on” is Be-Bound® of course, the application that gives you true Android apps even without data or WiFi. 

This article covers how to turn off data for one application. See our article, How To Save on Mobile Data, to control even more. 

Melvin Biamont (@MelvinBiamont) and Brahim Ouamassi

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