Convergences World Forum

Be-Bound Will Attend the Convergences World Forum

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The Convergences World Forum will be held on September 8, 9 and 10 in Paris.
Launched in 2008, Convergences is the first platform for thought in Europe that aims at building new convergences between public, private, and solidarity-based actors to promote the Millennium Development Goals and to alleviate poverty and privation in developed and developing countries.

Be-Bound® is participating in this World Forum in order to present the Be-Bound® app and to meet the solidarity-based actors and especially the NGO United Way.

Our Work With United Way

Our first project with United Way took place in the Philippines in the Summer of 2013. After the Typhoon hit, we knew that communications would be a key factor in rebuilding the community, so we partnered with United Way to provide the Be-Bound app to areas and people affected by the infrastructure collapse. With Be-Bound, Emails could be sent as long as there was a working phone signal (even where there was no WiFi, 3G or 4G). 

We also joined United Way in their Day of Action in Romania

Connection is Key to MDGs

Connecting the world is a necessary step toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Additionally, Internet services are often a basic need for NGOs working in the field.  We look forward to helping those who can use our support to advance the MDGs.

*since the writing of this article, the issue of crisis communications remains a primary concern. For more information on what is being done in the field, see our article on Crisis Coordination in Nepal after the earthquake. 

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