Be-Bound On The Road #1: Consumer Electronics Show – CES Las Vegas

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We all know that old slogan, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. But when what’s happening in Vegas is getting an eye into our future at CES…no one can keep what they see a secret! News of the gadgets unveiled in the city will travel fast because the technologies will likely be coming soon to a city near you.

People attend the annual CES event not to simply discuss imagined visions of another day, but to see, touch, and sample the actual technology that is expected to be our new way of life in the very near someday.  CES is where entrepreneurs and attendees go to be wowed by how far technology promises to take us. Vegas is the perfect setting for a tech show like this. After all , the city’s entire spirit is based on fantasy and the belief that anything is possible.

This year, Be-Bound was again in attendance. Connectivity is really one of the keywords of the 21st century, and since Be-Bound’s  technology improves connectivity for all things mobile, this is a must-see for us! The visionaries with gadgets at CES are the people who will ultimately be a part of the movement we are a part of, and will play a pivotal role in helping us bring improved mobile connectivity to all.  When Be-Bound attends CES, we see gadgets we will be connecting.

According to CES, what does our future include? Just like last year, connected cars, drones, and virtual reality head-ware still seem to be the next big wave. The difference is that these once far-off concepts are now constantly being improved upon and becoming tangible realities. In fact, we’re already riding the wave. 

The biggest trend was by far the connected cars. The car industry is undergoing a serious transformation. This is where a lot of true innovation is happening. We are already seeing signs of what’s to come at the car dealerships. A friend of mine recently bought a brand new car, and along with the car came an actual taught lesson in how to work every “smart” part of the new vehicle. But personal stories aside, the machines may one day do it all for us. Tesla has even come out with a car that can be summoned.

At CES, QNX revealed its Platform for ADAS, which allows cars to have a 360 degree view of the vehicle through a combination of lasers and cameras. And for those of you concerned that self-driving cars seem like a dangerous idea, you may be relieved to know about Toyota’s technology for a Mobility Teammate Concept: a way of getting smart cars and people to communicate with each other in real time, for the purpose of safety. It is still unclear who will have more control – the car or the person.

If tech starts having a say in our decision making.  our innocent power struggles could be about to get a lot more interesting!


Obstacle avoidance was also a big theme for drones. The Xiro Xplorer 2.0 for example, has 2 built in GPS trackers – so if one goes out, the other kicks in. The first solo passenger drone was also unveiled at CES. It’s looking like soon the skies will be our new highways, and obstacle avoidance technology will help the drones pilot us around, no-doubt.

This year’s CES was a reminder too that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are booming. What once was labeled a futuristic society, is definitely where we’re headed. These machines are meant to simplify our lives rather than complicate them. Someday we will be able to  let our robot mow the lawn while we opt to enjoy a scenic stroll instead …and if we get lost on the walk, well then we can just summon our car to come find us.

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