The New connected man

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Last week the French edition of the Huffington post published an article about the “ideal man in 2014”.  According to this article, the ideal man will be equipped with so many connected items that we might be entering a new era.

From top to bottom, if we dare say, and always according to the Huffington post article, the ideal man will carry and use a smartphone, connected glasses, connected wristband, connected watch, Connected T-Shirt, connected shoes  and even connected socks…

Thanks to all those devices the 2014 homo connecticus will be in line with his world….However, there is one detail that will always stop or make the 2014 ideal man go further : Will he or will he not get access to a data network ?

3G is not covering 20 % of the world network, 4G 4 times less…So what will happen to Homo connecticus if he carries all those useful devices but cannot get connected to the internet and therefore if he cannot use them ?…

Homo connecticus can breathe again, because, thanks to Be-Bound® he will get a data connection even with low or no data network ! So thanks to Be-Bound® available on Android, the Homo Connecticus will proudly become the 2014 and more ideal man !


Stay connected !

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