Check Email in the desert with the Be-Bound App

Check your e-mails in the desert

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Strange idea you might think but did you know that deserts cover nearly 33 % of the planet!?

Deserts are of various types : rock, sand or even ice and we are all likely to be in one of them at some point in our lives. Once there, getting access to a data network through a smartphone can be quite complicated. 

There may be many reasons to do so : check an urgent work related email, check if a sand storm is headed your way, make sure that you are going in the right direction or simply have access to a translation device to communicate with local people….All of this is why getting Internet access everywhere is a priority.

Many companies are working on this and many projects have been launched, but none can do it alone. That is why the Be-Bound® application is seen by many as THE application to download !…Because Be-Bound® allows you to stay connected to the internet anywhere in the world (as long as there is a phone signal), no matter the network and no matter the bandwidth….Imagining that deserts represent 1/3 of the planet, we understand how important it is to Stay connected!

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