If you care you share…

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No matter who we are, no matter what we do, no matter our deepest concerns…When somebody needs help, we should always lend a hand.

This is the case, today, in the Philippines, after the Typhoon Haiyan. People are in need and Be-Bound® has decided to contribute. At this very moment, the situation in the Philippines is chaotic and telecommunication networks are almost all down. Our application can help people to get a connection and get in touch with friends and family, send information, help locate people and a lot more. That is why we have decided to grant an extra 50 be-credits (renewable as many times as needed) to anyone using our application in the Philippines…

To boot and until the 31st of December we will donate all our the Gross Profit Margin on all be-credits paid by all our users to United Way to contribute to their action in the Philippines, click on the picture below:


 When somebody is suffering, those who are not have the duty to give them a bit of relief. It could be a smile, it could be be-credits. In every tiny seed I see the promise of a centenary tree…

So if you care, please share….

 To download our application just click here.


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