Bridging the digital divide through frugal innovation

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There is no doubt that Bridging the digital divide will thrive through frugal innovation. Indeed, frugal innovation creates new ways out of old processes or services, and it can be a catalyst for widening the Internet’s reach.

However, frugal innovation will not bridge the digital divide alone. To address such a big challenge, Mobile Network Operators are the other half of the puzzle, because they offer the affordable services and make new technologies accessible. Furthermore because they are local, they understand the local context of perspectives and needs.

Mobile Networks Operators know the aspirations of their customers, and their culture in general. As far as frugal innovation is concerned, Be-Bound®’s technology, which gives access to key Internet services no matter the network can be the perfect complement to local MNO’s data plan offers. By partnering with Be-Bound® MNO’s will benefit from our hybrid technology and make the most of the available networks so that their customers can maintain a connection to preferred internet services such as e-mail, Facebook or Twitter at all times. And, unlike other (more costly) alternatives to bring the next 4 billion on line, Be- Bound is available now and easy to develop at MNO’s existing levels.

With our Android based technology, MNOs will extend their internet coverage even in areas where no data network is available. Because it is a frugal innovation, Be-Bound® is affordable and optimizes data consumption so that only minimal bandwidth is used. To subscribers who have enough phone signal for a text message, Mobile Network Operators are now able to offer additional services such as being able to chat on Facebook, send a Tweet, or check emails.

These days mobile is experiencing fast-paced changes, and Be-Bound technology is a solution helping MNO’s to transition while remaining highly valuable to their customers


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