Breathtaking St Petersburg Pictures to share thanks to Be-Bound®

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Let’s imagine you are traveling to St Petersburg in Russia and you discover thanks to your local contacts the incredible work of  Photographer Amos Chapple. You want to share it with friends but you have no data network connection with your smartphone…

Amos Chapple took Breath taking pictures of Russia’s second largest city using a drone. You have his blog address but you have no data connection on your smartphone. There is no way you can view those incredible shots nor share the link with your friends….No way ? Of course there is a way ! You have downloaded Be-Bound® on your smartphone before leaving home. In no time, you launch the app and you are connected ! Now no matter low or no data network you can enjoy the pictures and share the link on Twitter for instance. And this is all thanks to Be-Bound® and Amos Chapple of course….So to enjoy the pictures just click on the picture below.



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