Be-Bound®’s Tipping point.

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I started reading a book that should be in the personal library of every marketing student or anybody interested in understanding how society works: The Tipping Point.

This book explains how little things can make a big difference (that’s the undercover title). Indeed, it gives a lot of examples of social epidemics. The author explains how a fashion trend is launched, how rumors are created and much more keys to better understand why at the end, small changes can dramatically impact the business and the revenues of companies.


For our small team at Be-Bound®, our tipping point is coming. After a year and a half of developments, efforts, late work, busy week-ends, several packs of RedBull, doubts, hesitations, decisions, wrong decisions, changes in priorities, testing, beta testing, more testing, it’s time to launch.

We’ll put our application on the Google Playstore next week. It will be available for everyone and we’ll start counting the number of downloads. There are still many ideas to develop around Be-Bound®, new features to add, many improvements but it’s time to go live and to face the market!

What will be the market feedbacks?

How many downloads will be generated?

Will people like our application?

Of course, we believe that our application will change the world, otherwise you cannot accept all the sacrifices of a startup and you just sell pizzas around the corner.

But, did we use the right color? the right icon?

What is the feature, the sentence, the design that will make people download and recommend our App?

When the first iPhone was launched, its phone capabilities were not as good as the standard of the market, but people liked the combination of all the other features and Apps.

What is the little thing that will make our App a success or a disaster?

Well, crossing my fingers is probably not enough, so I’d better think of what will be available in the next version!


Olivier Rousseau

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