What is Be-Bound® ?

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For those who discover our application now and for those who need a refresh here is a quick post explaining what Be-Bound® is all about.

Be-Bound® is a smartphone application available on Android that grants internet access through a smartphone to anybody and almost anywhere when 4G,3G or wi-fi networks are not available, saturated or too expensive to use them. Thanks to Be-Bound®, you will be able to do the following actions (not restrictive) :


1)      Receive and send e-mails.

2)      Use your smartphone abroad without having to worry about roaming fees.

3)      Communicate and share with friends on the social networks.


Moreover, thanks to its portal, Be-Bound® grants you access to various information and services (Nav Sat, Weather forecast, stock exchange etc.).


So, with Be-Bound®, more than ever, stay connected !

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