Be-Bound® ready for the Football World Cup !

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The FIFA Football World Cup will take place in June in Brazil and of course we could not miss this event.

Thousands of fans coming from all around the world will travel to Brazil in June to see the national teams enter the World Cup Finals. There is no doubt that all those fans will stay in touch and communicate among each other using their smartphones. The need for connection will be huge and we believe that the 3G and 4G networks, when available will quickly be saturated. And of course, we don’t even dare mention the roaming fees associated to the mobile data usage away from home!

That is why, here at Be-Bound® we have decided to make sure that our service could be available to everybody (football fans, journalists, business travelers and locals) at any time in Brazil.

It is the case now and with a local number !

So, if you are in Brazil or will travel to Brazil you have no excuse anymore !

Download Be-Bound® and stay connected !

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