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Be-Bound offices in Algeria !

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After launching Be-Djezzy, Be-Bound has now opened offices in Algeria with a new team!! We officially opened our Be-Bound offices in Algiers, Algeria  in October, Sunday the 19th, close to Djezzy offices our Telco partner for the Be-Djezzy app !

In order to work on Be-Bound technology for the Be-Djezzy app, there is now a technical and communication team in Algiers that we are proud to present.

The Team in Algeria

Hamza BENAHCENE, our CTO in Algeria, manages the whole team and especially the technical side : Two developers are working full-time with Gaëtan, our mobile development expert : Zako and Amine who work on mobile devolpment and customisation. Two other developpers, Younes and Hacène, 2 trainees, are working on mobile development as well.

Dihia and Hadjer are working on the Algerian communications.

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Be-Bound is working to connect the world with our technology that brings mobile Internet to anyone with a phone signal. See more about the Be-Djezzy app here.

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  • Sofiane Meghlaoui

    11 November 2014

    A quick word to say how amazing it is to work with the Be-Bound team.
    A true Partner, their energy and passion is amazing!
    As for the product itself, Be-Bound is one of the most innovative product I have seen through my career in the telco industry.
    All the best for future innovations!

    • Milena Marie

      12 December 2014

      Dear Sofiane,
      Thank you for your comment ! We are proud to work with Djezzy and continue to keep it up 🙂
      All the best for our project !


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