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Be-Bound In Action: An Algerian Directory that Works Even Without Internet

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Today we’re happy to announce that Algeria’s #1 operator, Djezzy, has integrated Be-Bound technology to release Djezzy 718, a professional directory app.  Thanks to Be-Bound’s technology, Djezzy 718 is an app that works even without internet, meaning it works anywhere there is a phone signal in Algeria, for all Djezzy subscribers.

With Djezzy 718, users can easily find contact information for plumbers, lawyers, hotels etc., as long as they’ve got the app in hand. Just imagine a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere – the user with Djezzy 718 will know exactly who to call!

Be-Bound is committed to bringing constant and affordable connectivity to the unconnected. We believe it’s the key to unlocking the economic potential for hundreds of millions around the world, and the key to achieving sustainable development goals. If for example, Africa sees a strong uptake in internet penetration, the continent could see $300 billion added to its GDP.

This is why today, Be-Bound is focusing on projects that will make the biggest impact in unconnected areas. Keep an eye on our Project Dor2Dor in the Ivory Coast, where we’re making addresses easily locatable in rural areas, and stay connected with us to see our next steps in India and Bangladesh….

By enabling smartphones to stay connected no matter the network (from WiFi-2G-SMS), Be-Bound’s patented technology is an immediate solution to bridging the digital divide and digitalizing rural areas. We love seeing our technology in action, and we look forward to helping other businesses provide services like this where internet connectivity is an issue. If you’re a developer who wants to increase your app’s reach, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

If you live in Algeria and are already a Djezzy subscriber, download Djezzy 718 today!

Djezzy 718

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