Border Line…

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As it is mid-term school holidays we decided to spend this week in our flat in a ski resort of the French Alps, La Rosière. La Rosière is on the “little St Barnard’s Pass”,  only a couple of miles away from the Italian border.

And guess what happened to my data plan when this morning we went for a small trek with the kids ?


On the border, data synchronization is to avoid…

We left the station and we went up towards the pass. After a 30 minutes walked we reached a first little pass overlooking Italy. That’s this very moment that chose my carrier to send me a text message.


The text message mentioned that “I had used about 80% of my data plan abroad”. I was a bit surprised as my phone had not left my pocket….A further look at my smartphone gave me the clue to that mystery : As I was walking on the border line, but still in France, I lost my carrier signal and before it came back I got hooked up on an Italian carrier signal….Immediately all my data synchronized….And I used without realizing it  80% of my data plan abroad without even having put a foot outside the country…

So I immediately switch off all my apps and only left one “on” : Be-Bound of course….For the rest of my stay, as we will be trekking a bit every day, I will keep only Be-Bound “on”, even in the ski resort itself. Indeed it happened to me before, even there, to switch from a French to an Italian signal, with all the all the already mentioned consequences….

La Rosière is only 2 miles away from the Italian Border. We are in France but the signal I get is from an Italian Carrier.


So that led me to think that not only in the underground, not only in low connection area, but also in all the border areas, Be-Bound will be the app that will make hundred of thousand people’s life easier.  

No need to worry anymore about data plan to stay connected…..




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