Weather alerts !

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As the North Eastern part of the USA is facing a deep freeze alert let’s put forward our Be-Weather application that will keep you informed of the weather conditions no matter the network.

The situation is still critical in some areas, roads have turned into giant ice rinks, electricity is down and network too. In those serious moments, having downloaded Be-Bound® on your smartphone can be an incredibly good move as, even if there is low or no data network, you will still be able to connect to our portal via your smartphone. Then, thanks to the Be-Weather app you will have access to the weather forecast and situation. In those cases having access to information is important but having access to a network to share this information is even more crucial. Being a trendy app in so many countries is good and fun, but being an app that can help people in difficult or critical moments, abroad or back at home is really something that we are proud of, here at Be-Bound®.

 So if you have not done it yet, don’t forget to download Be-Bound® as part of your “survival conection kit”.

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