Meet with the Be-Bound® team, season 2 part 3

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We meet with another Be-Bound® team member : Olivier.


20140322_170913Dear Olivier, can you tell us what  is your position within Be-Bound® ?
My official position is CTO, in a startup it means doing everything that is not related to going to the restaurant with customers 

How long have you been holding this position for ?
Since the beginning

Can you describe in a few lines what your current position consists in ?
I try to organize the huge number of ideas and suggestions that come from everyone, transform them into concrete actions and tasks for the technical team, and make sure we deliver an App that works. I also prepare new projects or partnerships, suggest research programs. I regularly buy sweets and fruit for the team and also sometimes change light bulbs,  get rid of the trash cans, …

It seems very demanding, how do you manage to handle all that ?
Well it’s not, because I have a wonderful team and because you waste time when you sleep.

Before working for Be-Bound® what were you doing for a living ?
I was looking for my way in different companies like Thales, Alcatel or STMicroelectronics. I also spent several years in a small company working on DTV projects.

Have you always been interested in new technologies or is it quite recent ?
I’m graduated from an engineering school and new technologies are part of my life. Actually, I was born the same year than a computer engineer (Ray Tomlinson) sent the first email!

Which is your favorite brand of Smartphone?
Sagem! It was my first mobile phone, but now I like Samsung

Which smartphone do you own ?
Samsung S4

Three words (not more) to describe Be-Bound®.20130820_134134
“This is a revolution” or Fun, Access, Blue ocean

Words that won’t fit at all with Be-Bound®
Boring, silence

What was according to you the most stressful moment you lived with Be-Bound® ?
Probably when I decided to leave my previous job and join Be-Bound®.

Why ?
Because of the challenge!

What is your favorite region?
South of France, around Marseille

Why ?
For the weather, for the sea, for the Calanques, …

Your favorite movie ?
The great escape with Steve Mac Queen

Be-Bound® is now available in Romania, can you tell us what country is next on the list ?

Earlier this year you attended for Be-Bound® the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, how was it ?
Huge! I realized how big is this industry, how small we are but also how many opportunities we have

Is there a place you would call “home” or do you feel at home anywhere ?
I’m not that old! I don’t like the feeling to be “at home”, there are so many countries and people to discover

What was your most hated subject at school ?
History, but now I’m very interested in it.

Why ?
I imagine it was too far from y preoccupations

Your best moment with Be-Bound® (if you can isolate one) ?
When we spent an evening eating pizzas and building up our own desks

Your favorite apps ?
Waze, I like the design

Your favorite quote ?
“I you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal”

Paolo Coelho

Where were you on the 31st of March 2003 at 5.32 pm ?
Probably having some rest on a beach in Saint Marteen

Why did you answer the previous question ?
I remember we took some vacation after the birth of my second son

Your favorite picture ?
Picture from my vacation near Marseille. 

One last word before we go ?
Stay connected!

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